Earthlight Rocks & Gems opened in 1988, in Kirkland, WA. My dad Jack Frasl opened the store to support his love for stones. He laid out a legacy before me that was started as a spark when he got his first rock as a paper boy when he was young. My dad Jack and his second wife Collen wrote three books originally, each book took approx. 3 years to write. They wrote a fourth book combining all three books, which took approx. another 3 years. This book is called Crystalline Communion 2000. Most of the properties listed on my Etsy website are portions or excerpts from this book. My dad passed away from this dimension in 2009 and I have chosen to carry on this tradition and share my love for stones with the world. Mother Nature is amazing and I feel everyone should love and appreciate all that the world has to offer.  You can purchase physically in the store, or shop on our Etsy site, of course if you have any questions or are looking for something special just let us know. We opened a second Earthlight Rocks & Gems in Snoqualmie in 2019.  Two locations so much rock loving fun. Much love to all of you, keep on Rocking.